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# $FreeBSD$

COMMENT=        BibLaTeX styles
TEXMF_CATEG=    biblatex-styles
STYLES= abnt anonymous apa archaeology \
        arthistory-bonn bookinarticle bwl caspervector \
        chem chicago claves dw enc ext fiwi \
        gost historian ieee ijsra iso690 juradiss lni \
        luh-ipw manuscripts-philology mla morenames \
        multiple-dm musuos nejm nottsclassic opcit-booktitle \
        oxref philosophy phys publist realauthor sbl science \
        shortfields source-division subseries swiss-legal \
        trad true-citepages-omit
TEXMF_DIRS_LATEX=       ${STYLES:S/^/biblatex-/}
# gbt7714 documentation in doc/bibtex
TEXMF_DIRS_LATEX+=      gbt7714
        bibtex/bst/chembst bibtex/bst/chicago \
TEXMF_DOCDIRS+= bibtex/gbt7714

TEXMF_SHEBANG_FILES_DOCS+=      share/doc/texlive-texmf/biblatex-abnt/

MASTERDIR=      ${.CURDIR}/../texlive-texmf-all

.include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile"