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# $FreeBSD: print/texlive-texmf-table/Makefile 73 2019-08-04 15:48:46Z zsolt $

COMMENT=        Packages for table and list typesetting
TEXMF_CATEG=    table

TEXMF_DIRS=     tex/lualatex/odsfile
TEXMF_DIRS_GENERIC=     colortab hlist tap
        alnumsec arydshln asciilist blkarray booktabs bullcntr calctab cals \
        cellprops cellspace collcell colortbl ctable diagbox enumitem-zref \
        eqlist etaremune expdlist fcolumn ftcap gatherenum grid grid-system \
        iitem keyvaltable listliketab longfigure ltablex ltabptch makecell \
        moreenum multenum multirow nox outline outlines paralist polytable \
        rccol sitem spreadtab supertabular tableaux tablefootnote tablestyles \
        tablists tabls tablvar tabu tabularborder tabularcalc tabularew \
        tabulary threeparttable threeparttablex typed-checklist warpcol \
        widetable xltabular xtab lstfiracode topiclongtable

TEXMF_DOCDIRS=  generic/colortab generic/hlist lualatex/odsfile generic/tap

TEXMF_SHEBANG_FILES_DOCS=       share/doc/texlive-texmf/ctable/inst

MASTERDIR=      ${.CURDIR}/../texlive-texmf-all

.include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile"