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17 15d 03h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ 20190410
Not completed, maybe there's a problem with LUA option.
16 105d 20h zsolt /print/ apnum, autoaligne, barr, automata, bbcard docs  
15 105d 22h zsolt /print/ bst/chembst, bst/chicago  
14 106d 02h zsolt /print/ abstyles documentation  
13 107d 23h zsolt /print/ texlive-texmf-biblatex-styles  
12 111d 00h zsolt /print/ Added tikz-3dplot  
11 111d 00h zsolt /print/ Move some extra fonts to latexextra because of package dependency.  
10 195d 17h zsolt /print/ randomlist documentation  
9 197d 01h zsolt /print/ biblatex  
8 213d 18h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ Added perl5 and some perl5-library dependencies
because of latexindent.
7 217d 02h zsolt /print/ cnltx and tasks move from latexextra to school  
6 217d 02h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ USE=localbase
LOCALBASE -> PREFIX in install sections
5 280d 04h zsolt /print/ remove jknappen/fc  
4 280d 04h zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-all/ Added forgotten %%TEXMFDIR%%fonts/tfm/jknappen/fc/ to pkg-plist.  
3 280d 05h zsolt /print/ move latex/ucs to texlive-texmf-base  
2 281d 00h zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-core/ Place MASTERDIR at the end of file  
1 281d 00h zsolt /print/ Initial commit.

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