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79 116d 15h zsolt /print/ put niceframe fonts to fonts-symbols  
78 123d 15h zsolt /print/ Uniform variables.  
77 123d 15h zsolt /print/helpers/ More directories.  
76 123d 15h zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-fonts-symbols/ Remove unneeded backslashes  
75 123d 18h zsolt /print/helpers/ Better usage message  
74 123d 18h zsolt /print/ Use normal pkg-descr and pkg-plist not in texlive-texmf-all.  
73 124d 10h zsolt /print/ Package more files.  
72 131d 18h zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-all/ pkg-install  
71 134d 14h zsolt /print/ fonts-symbol package
Normalize texhash (mktexlsr).
70 135d 18h zsolt /print/ Run texhash after install the package:
- created pkg-install
- remove ls-R from pkg-plist

Some small fixes.
69 136d 16h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ Use PREFIX  
68 136d 16h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ Get back share/texmf-dist/web2c  
67 136d 17h zsolt /print/helpers/ Helper scripts.
createlist: format TEXMF_DIRS* to uniformal.
66 136d 17h zsolt /print/ Remove already packaged script.  
65 136d 17h zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-all/ Added print/texlive-bin RUN_DEPENDS.  
64 136d 17h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ Remove @dir share/texmf-dist/web2c  
63 136d 17h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ tex-synctex configure option instead of synctex  
62 137d 09h zsolt /print/ Added more unpackaged packages.  
61 137d 14h zsolt /print/ Remove from latexextra to * is done  
60 138d 17h zsolt /print/ Split is ready at "t"  

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