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59 44m zsolt /print/ Repack n-o from latexextra  
58 23h 22m zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-core/ Use post-install-texmf instead of post-install.
Use font directories variable.
57 23h 23m zsolt /print/ Delete conflict files (texlive-bin)  
56 23h 24m zsolt /print/texlive-texmf-all/ += instead of =  
55 3d 02h zsolt /print/ Package scripts/oberdiek too.  
54 3d 21h zsolt /print/ package make4ht full directory  
53 4d 06h zsolt /print/ Move more packges from latexextra  
52 5d 20h zsolt /print/ texmf-doctypes and texmf-misc packages
move more pkg from latexextra
51 7d 03h zsolt /print/ Move some packages from latexextra  
50 8d 06h zsolt /print/ Added texlive-texmf-pdf  
49 9d 06h zsolt /print/ Correct libertinus-type1  
48 9d 07h zsolt /print/ Package all stickstoo  
47 9d 08h zsolt /print/ Added some styles.  
46 9d 08h zsolt /print/ Added powerdot-tuliplab  
45 9d 08h zsolt /print/ Added inriafonts  
44 10d 07h zsolt /print/texlive-bin/ Use system poppler  
43 10d 08h zsolt /print/ Expanding nr2  
42 11d 06h zsolt /print/ Expanding nr1  
41 11d 22h zsolt /print/ Separated fonts packages.
Small fixes.
40 15d 04h zsolt /print/ science done  

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