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608 375d 10h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ remove /home/git  
594 396d 07h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ xhost +local:  
439 495d 23h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ taskrc created by server-dotfiles  
380 531d 05h zsolt / newsbeuter -> newsboat rename  
360 596d 00h zsolt / rsync-desktop refactoring
use config file
use --backup option
358 598d 00h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ urlview config file
357 598d 00h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ Xmodmap
Replace the CapsLock and Escape key - because of Vim
356 598d 00h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ cleanrc file
355 598d 00h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ Taskwarrior config file  
354 598d 00h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ Add to VPSLIST  
348 606d 22h zsolt / Use central vpslist file.
Removed and servers.
Added server.
336 614d 07h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ Remove useless comment.  
335 614d 22h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ If the tmux session exists doesn't create a new one.  
334 614d 22h zsolt /dotfiles/ Branches and tags directories  
333 614d 22h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ Set width and height of devel tmux-session.  
332 614d 22h zsolt /dotfiles/trunk/ xinitrc initial version  
331 614d 22h zsolt /dotfiles/ This directory contains the files which are in home directory.