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611 371d 06h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Közlöny RSS  
599 392d 23h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Eval hostdir correctly.
Add -q to scp.
598 393d 00h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Read lines by lines with while-do
Use ddg instead of google
590 400d 03h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Added torrent-sync (to replace torrent-rsync)  
589 400d 07h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ UTF-8 charset in email  
588 400d 07h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ gmail -> uzsolt email  
579 404d 21h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Reset SVNPARAMS in each loop
Added -q to svnadmin dump
578 404d 22h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Use svnlook youngest instead of date.

Date revisions intervals are not correct.
577 405d 04h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Use ssh instead svnrdump
svnrdump doesn't access timebased revisions.
576 405d 06h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ executable flag
proper revision
575 405d 07h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ More general:
- creates full svndump
- creates incremental svndump
574 405d 08h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ svndump backup  
513 461d 00h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Don't use background fetching.
It causes some errors sometimes - should
write some more tests about parallel running.
It's simplier to revert background fetching,
the some seconds doesn't worth plus works and bugs.
503 467d 21h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ use rsync's --timeout instead of ping
use for-loop
502 467d 21h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Start Kodi from inetd  
498 468d 11h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Remove bad exit  
474 482d 05h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Can redefine files with environment variables.  
463 487d 06h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ TEXMFHOME szükséges  
461 488d 02h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Remove the " around FILES_TO_CLEAN because don't want handle it as ONE filename.  
460 488d 20h zsolt /scripts/trunk/ Use small functions.  

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