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47 103d 01h zsolt /trunk/ Remove unneeded cat  
46 103d 05h zsolt /trunk/ process_missings()  
45 253d 05h zsolt /trunk/ get_pkgplist and process_orphans functions  
44 253d 07h zsolt /trunk/ process_logfile function  
43 253d 07h zsolt /trunk/ Reduce listings  
42 447d 23h zsolt /trunk/ Get pkg-plist filenam with PLIST make-variable.  
41 514d 19h zsolt /trunk/ remove every linux-* ports
remove sterm
40 564d 06h zsolt /trunk/ Add port tree to test_package  
39 637d 02h zsolt /trunk/ x11/sterm  
38 640d 01h zsolt /trunk/ Move configurations into seperate configuration file.  
37 640d 18h zsolt /trunk/ If FLAVOR is empty doesn't try pass to make's argument - this causes error.  
36 640d 21h zsolt /trunk/ Use quotation marks around variables.  
35 641d 21h zsolt /trunk/ Doesn't override poudriere.conf's settings about job numbers.  
34 653d 18h zsolt /trunk/ graphics/freeglut because of graphics/mupdf  
33 653d 22h zsolt /trunk/ Use login shell  
32 670d 19h zsolt /trunk/ Introduce get_package_flavor function.
More string constants.
31 670d 19h zsolt /trunk/ Correct 'message' function to handle parameters in printf.
Use STR_POUDRIERE_FINISHED string constant.
30 670d 19h zsolt /trunk/ Replace two "read X" to "wait_for_enter"  
29 670d 19h zsolt /trunk/ use string constants  
28 670d 20h zsolt /trunk/ Simplify and correct FLAVOR support.  

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