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1342 58d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/  
1340 77d 06h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/etc/ Added Info keyword to lpd-releated files  
1336 94d 07h zsolt /server/trunk/home/ tmux update  
1335 94d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/ Remove unneeded FILE_*  
1334 94d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/ Use BINPACKAGES  
1333 94d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/ Added missed file information of package  
1332 94d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/ The package installation does not need PKG
because if $PKG is newer than file_MYPKG would
install PKG.
1331 94d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/ Update configversion  
1326 102d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ Use websvn instead of viewvc.
Added more nginx redirects.
1325 112d 07h zsolt /server/trunk/ musicpd on Banana Pi  
1323 129d 18h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ mathjax  
1320 137d 06h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ root -> alias  
1318 138d 05h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ Change static root, so does not need symlinks  
1317 138d 06h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ alias  
1316 138d 10h zsolt /server/trunk/ Added HOST_DEVEL  
1314 141d 06h zsolt /server/trunk/home/ssh/ new server  
1307 146d 08h zsolt /server/trunk/ Correct sqmail server config  
1306 146d 08h zsolt /server/trunk/ Remove duplicated sets.  
1283 161d 18h zsolt /server/trunk/ GoAccess conf file
Create conf.d
1282 161d 19h zsolt /server/trunk/ SUBDOMAINS variable.
Use SUBDOMAINS to store which subdomain hosted on which host.

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