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1320 138d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ root -> alias  
1318 139d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ Change static root, so does not need symlinks  
1317 139d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/etc/nginx/ alias  
1316 139d 22h zsolt /server/trunk/ Added HOST_DEVEL  
1314 142d 18h zsolt /server/trunk/home/ssh/ new server  
1307 147d 19h zsolt /server/trunk/ Correct sqmail server config  
1306 147d 20h zsolt /server/trunk/ Remove duplicated sets.  
1283 163d 06h zsolt /server/trunk/ GoAccess conf file
Create conf.d
1282 163d 07h zsolt /server/trunk/ SUBDOMAINS variable.
Use SUBDOMAINS to store which subdomain hosted on which host.
1281 165d 09h zsolt /server/trunk/passwords/ -md md5 ->
"Why do I get errors when trying to decrypt 1.0.2 data with 1.1.0?"
1280 165d 09h zsolt /server/trunk/passwords/ Use CIPHER
Change cipher to: aes-256-ctr
1279 165d 15h zsolt /server/trunk/ More webpage-releated packages  
1278 165d 16h zsolt /server/trunk/ tidy-html5 and tex-formats packages  
1277 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ uses php  
1276 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ Removed storage-passwd  
1275 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ =  
1274 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ FORUMHOST  
1273 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ doas fixes  
1272 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ Rules to install pkg and doas packages  
1271 165d 17h zsolt /server/trunk/ Installing packages requires PKG  

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