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60 164d 01h zsolt /trunk/ Message about copying ASSETS_DIR  
59 330d 12h zsolt /trunk/ OL and UL fixes  
58 337d 12h zsolt /trunk/ Disable comments. The # is used in HTML files.  
57 337d 12h zsolt /trunk/ Don't need multiple quoting in OL/UL.  
56 339d 09h zsolt /trunk/ Use cmark to generate manual page.  
55 375d 04h zsolt /trunk/ _UL and _OL helpers to generate lists  
54 424d 10h zsolt /trunk/ _DIVB, _DIVE: div begin, div end  
53 424d 10h zsolt /trunk/ Add quotation marks.  
52 427d 08h zsolt /trunk/ Document LANG variable  
51 427d 08h zsolt /trunk/ Introduce CONFIGMK variable to store ""
${CONFIGMK} should be dependency everywhere
Use Tab instead space
50 427d 09h zsolt /trunk/ Append lang="LANG" into <html>  
49 593d 06h zsolt /trunk/ Delete old .git* files  
48 594d 12h zsolt /trunk/ show-hooks target  
47 594d 12h zsolt /trunk/ M4 and M4_FLAGS in show-config target  
46 594d 12h zsolt /trunk/ add "generate static web pages" info  
45 594d 12h zsolt /trunk/ TIPS section  
44 594d 23h zsolt /trunk/ Added EXAMPLES section, own homepage.  
43 594d 23h zsolt /trunk/ Create a file.
The manual page from now is created from with ronn[1].
Some restructuring and minor fixes.

42 619d 05h zsolt /trunk/ Change email-address.  
41 619d 05h zsolt /trunk/ Introduce HOOKS.


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