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24 929d 12h zsolt /trunk/ show-targets and show-req  
18 945d 08h zsolt /trunk/ _MASS_ASSIGN macro
Added _MASS_ASSIGN macro into _LAYOUT macro.
17 955d 04h zsolt /trunk/ _LAYOUT_PRE and _LAYOUT_POST macros  
14 963d 01h zsolt /trunk/ show-config and show-virtuals targets  
13 974d 08h zsolt /trunk/ INCLUDE_DIR is freely modifiable  
11 974d 08h zsolt /trunk/ COMMON_DIR változó  
9 979d 03h zsolt /trunk/ Added description about _INCL, _2_BODY, _2_HEAD,
8 979d 03h zsolt /trunk/ Add a tip to TARGET.  
7 979d 03h zsolt /trunk/ Added the information about TARGET's dependencies.  
6 989d 11h zsolt /trunk/ clean-other target  
5 989d 11h zsolt /trunk/ GREQ - Global REQuirement  
3 991d 02h zsolt /trunk/ Introduce the use of VIRTUALREQRULE_foo  
2 993d 07h zsolt /trunk/ initial version